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Silence used his telekinesis to bring some water. Han chugged down some water and then poured the remaining water on his head. The water spilled down his face and made the hair stick onto his forehead.


'I have the strength to help Han. I've always needed his protection but…, it's different now. I will become his friend who can look at him eye to eye.'


Han had always remained calm and made logical decisions. He had a coolness that stood out from his peers and was shocking even amongst adults. The Elus had ruffled the one thing that kept his emotions at bay.


"I feel refreshed. I have one less thing to worry about. At least now, I won't have to worry about getting kicked out for having bad grades, right?"


The drill instructors were monitoring every student. The data bracelets worn by students acted as a GPS and constantly monitored their basic health statistics.


'He made this all by himself?' Canute's eyes widened. Han always kept himself busy. He didn't let himself rest in his own room and forced himself to work on other tasks. He slept later than everyone, and woke up earlier than everyone.

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Ark was the core psyker institution, and at the same time, they acted as the core military defence team. They had fought against the remnant minions that had hidden in abandoned terrains around the world.


There were many youths better at close combat than Han. Han would not be able to win against Dimitri seven times out of ten.


Dimitri boisterously laughed while spinning his wooden sword. Han whipped his spear in the air. Their weapons clashed in regular intervals. Rather than a spar, they looked like they were dancing with their weapons. Their movements seemed to be like one entity.


Behind the mask was a fellow peer. Skull mask started to focus on fighting against Han. There was no reason that skull mask couldn't beat him. Rather, skull mask had already transcended the combat level of the second years.


"We must immediately turn the airplane around! We have to return to the Ark….."


The beating stick was manufactured with unique materials so that it would cause nothing more harmful than a light bruise.


They appeared to be a pig-like turtle monster with low intelligence and simple attack patterns. Without an Elu to command them, they would just blindly throw frontal attacks.



No matter how talented Han was at the spear, Schwartz would greatly lose face if he were to lose against a rookie third year.



Han sternly said. It wasn't allowed for third years to participate in a second year squad battle. He was full of dissatisfaction. The slightest slip up would have resulted in their loss.


Many cats permanently resided on the artificial island, Ark. In the beginning stages when Ark was being built, many individuals suffered from loneliness and raised pets to cope. The pets that people had raised bred together and multiplied to the current population today. These cats would drop into the student dorms for food scraps.


There were many soldiers who volunteered due to Corporal Zhai's influences. They could not bear to shoot Corporal Zhai. Rather, many felt inspired by him. To start with, the command had been unreasonable from the start.

  • Canute said. Han and Jose immediately thought of a person.
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